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Some mothers, in order to let the children sleep a little bit faster, especially for baby bedtime breast. This way of feeding is the wrong approach for your baby's health.
easily caries
sleep is when saliva secretion of oral cleaning function is reduced, plus milk fermentation for a long time in the mouth, may damage the tooth structure. To avoid this hangover after you suck the milk a baby bottle of warm water to two, a little more than cleaning the mouth of milk.
baby when unconscious, oropharyngeal muscles lack of assistance which cannot effectively protect the trachea, easy to make milk into the pose a choking risk.
reduce appetite
as milk in the stomach is groggy and was poured into baby waking mind feeling free from hunger, so future food production will reduce the desire.
develop passive behavior
human need to seek, so hungry to eat, due to cold to wear, because they do not know to seek knowledge. Psychological and behavioral patterns are gradually evolved. Baby if all grew up passively by an adult ready, even the most basic act of animals for food is not healthy, you mention culture in all societies in the future of learning and development of active initiative State, fighting for victory? To develop babies have active foraging habits, rather than passive.