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Perhaps you have no children, personal experience is not deep, until she was pregnant, you will really find the skin of pregnant women in any case maintenance, indeed unavoidable changes.
and after the course of pregnancy the discomfort and pain during and after production of women in General, all the attention to the baby's body, few people will notice, their skin is getting old . be careful because a momentary lapse, Shiva entered the yellow face. Fortunately, Chinese confinement practices, this time, not only should have a good rest, recuperate and build, skin care, it is the rare good timing.
pregnancy Shi of skin changes
pregnancy Shi most common of skin changes including following number species:
a, and pigment precipitation:
This is most obviously of skin changes, because body women hormones of change, will makes pigment variable black, in neck, and armpit, and milk Halo, and abdominal middle, and unit ditch and the hands joint at parts, will occurred this case; addition, also will has black circles of deepened and the pigment spot of formed. Dark circles and the deepening of a chronic lack of sleep, pigmentation during pregnancy and blood vessel deposition.
and pigment spot formation is all ** pain, including original spot deepening: such as freckles, sun spots, or some new spots, such as dark spots or cheekbone spot. Dark spots also known as pregnancy spot, as the name suggests is usually produced after pregnancy, which belongs to the boundaries of unknown pigment spots of mesh or sheet, distributed on the cheeks, forehead, lips and other parts. Pregnancy spots and physical fitness, stress, sun exposure, hormonal changes are related.
II, small vertical proliferation of warts:
small dewlap is a physical, often occurring in the neck, but some people in the folds of the eyelids part of chest, abdomen, or areola may also be produced, is small, about one millimeter or so small protrusions, colors are dark-skinned, Brown or black. In addition to aesthetic problems, and physical health has nothing to do, so don't worry too much, at present can be removed with laser.
c, eczema, or atopic dermatitis worse:
human t cell immune response can be divided into two types: Th1 and Th2,Th1 and fight viruses and bacteria, such as immunity, allergies and Th2. These two turned out to be a balance in the body, the existence of immunity in order to adapt to the fetus of pregnant women will tend to the second type of t-cell responses, so a allergy tendency of pregnant women will have some uncomfortable symptoms such as itching of the skin. Four growth, acne
because of early pregnancy of progesterone secretion, coupled with poor sleep or stress and other factors, many pregnant women will have a proliferation of acne problems. Expectant mothers in this period because you cannot use the oral medication, and prone to pigmentation during pregnancy, so the wave surging after another, "old grudges and" full in the face. Key

care skin care in medical research, the process of pregnancy due to hormonal changes and long-term discomfort of pregnancy, lack of sleep, can actually increase collagen loss, pigmentation, skin ages faster.
confinement period, may be a new mother in the care of Baby and re-enter the workforce, only can take good care of your skin during, so don't be lazy to miss, give up, into the yellow face woman. Especially in the cold, dry winter skin care is all the more important, although winter has come, but sun damage has not been reduced, so go out sunscreen just because winter is coming, just relief. In addition, said the sleep of winter time, and the timing of care you can, to let the skin of this woman's first face sitting back to confinement!
confinement during care skin of focus including:
a, and sufficient sleep, nutrition balanced
II, and based maintenance
three, and anti-aging products
four, and whitening maintenance products
five, and medical beauty course
to let skin bright as shake
pregnancy Shi can first for himself skin of changes, sought professional skin section physician of recommends, using function sex better and not hurt baby of maintenance products, Are particularly sensitive, such as special skin of expectant mothers need to be carefully selected to avoid inducing allergic contact dermatitis.
prenatal can consult a physician, the use of high performance medical-grade skin care products, with a view to restore beautiful skin as soon as possible within a short period of confinement. If required by medical beauty treatment part, you can make an appointment after confinement prior to time, spent hiding in the home health care after the transition period.
confinement of any beauty treatment did not have to rush when Mommy should have a good rest and a selection of skin care products, can make your skin condition is improved, if the Commander of the hanging wart, in production have fewer chances. Fortunately, now eight weeks of maternity leave, recuperation after confinement to hospital for medical treatment, also fit in time. Remember before returning to work, in addition to the efforts to revive the devil figure, bright skin bright as ever.