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Many mothers have such experience, once the full six-month baby, it was immediately sick, cold, cough, fever, and can easily become pneumonia. Long grew up in the baby fever are sensitive to the routine of the season. Because the baby's immunity, are prone to bacterial infection by the virus. Nervous system development of infants are not perfect, so a high fever also easily lead to convulsions. Babies at the time of seizure, will be stiff or limp, unconscious or unable to comprehend the original a familiar environment, body twitches and breathing difficulties. Seizures can damage a baby's brain, and genetic. So, when the baby has a fever, MOM had to control the baby's body temperature.
comparison of infant fever-reducing drugs that are disabled by
carefully and have based family nursing mothers in the family to keep Merrill Lynch, Tylenol and other pediatric fever, the baby is over 38.5 degrees Celsius when the baby according to the prescribed doses. But more mothers on infant's medication is lacking in common sense, one thing to note is that, don't give babies adult fever medicine. Following fever has been disabled for infants and young children at the international level: (may not have been explicitly disabled, but my mom must know) p-o
: aspirin and phenobarbital in combination. Although the fever-reducing effect of the medicine, but also to calm, the baby has fever convulsion effect. However, aspirin cause of neonatal cyanosis, hemorrhage in infants (cord hemorrhage, hematemesis, hematochezia) and Reye's syndrome (a severe disease of the acute encephalopathy and fatty liver degeneration).
metamizole: Analgin may cause infant granulosa cells reduced, resulting in kidney damage, likely to cause allergic reactions. Even in metamizole sodium nasal drops also has a chance to cause more damage to the baby.
antongding: compound aminopyrine. Aminopyrine white cells in the blood can be reduced. Repeated use, can reduce the granulosa cells, acute hemolytic anemia.
infant of fever-reducing medicines species
is currently available, the World Health Organization is not recommended for babies under 2 months of age with antipyretics, physical cooling can be used. For more than 2 months baby is recommended:
acetaminophen (heat pain): rarely causes gastrointestinal adverse reactions, without affecting platelet, does not cause kidney damage, a fast action, strong and safe. But you must follow the prescribed dose. Commercially available Pediatric Bufferin, Merrill Lynch, Tylenol, snalets-FR, one clear, Chang Anda belong to this type of drug.
ibuprofen: also known as fenbid, isobutyric acid. The drug fever, fever up to 8 hours, gastrointestinal stimulation, easily tolerated, safe and reliable. For more than 6 months baby applicable.
infantile umbilical tie: the main ingredients are paracetamol, artificial cow-bezoar compound preparation containing, South isatis root extract powder. Mainly used for anal and intestinal absorption of quick.
some Chinese patent medicines, such as pediatric niuhuang powder, violet snow, Hou Tsao San, also have a cooling effect, but could easily hurt children's spleen and stomach, not long-term use. But these medicines are used for the empirical fever, asthenia taboo.