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Allergic eczema for a common inflammatory skin disease can be divided into three kinds of acute, subacute and chronic. Men, women and children can be disease, generalized body, can be restricted to certain areas. Among them, the infantile eczema is anxious mothers was one of the most common diseases. Children with eczema, also known as "milk acid", generally about 2 months the baby began to appear, the vast majority of child's eczema begins within 6 months after birth. Infant eczema and eczema in adults, make baby feel itchy. If it is scratched, itchy and sore.
in children with eczema be careful choosing a drug
the children get sick, worried of the natural parents. Eczema in children how to choose drugs? as rough skin in children than adults, too much of the drug stimulates the skin the drug is not suitable for use in children. So when choosing a pediatric medicines, moderate or not is very important. In addition, the need to be reminded of is that after the baby was suffering from eczema, medication may be any better during the initial, recurrent, but soon will. Recurrent attacks of eczema baby, do not recommend long-term use of drugs, hormones will make skin-dependent. So the best way is to know the causes of recurrent attacks of eczema, careful daily care. When the baby grew up, as he grew older, physical enhancement, as well as the development of stomach, eczema will gradually improve. Repeated episodes of
baby eczema prevention tips
1. Find Western medicine block eczema allergy
This is the killer. Baby eczema by age 2, the food tends to be a predisposing factor. Babies don't eat the kinds of food that much, not hard to find out food allergies.
2. Try to avoid contact with allergens
If the baby is allergic, can under the guidance of a doctor, try to avoid or exposure to allergens, such as seafood, dust mites, cockroaches, the bacteria, pollen and pet dander and Interior, so as not to induce.
3. Best breastfeeding
studies have shown that breastfeeding can reduce the degree of eczema. If so, baby started breastfeeding it best.
4. Artificial feeding of baby can try probiotics formula milk
study found that infant eczema with immune system dysfunction, so moms can try to use of formulas containing Prebiotics, helps to adjust baby's immune system, reduction of infant eczema occur.
5. Add complementary
baby to add complementary months, pay special attention to mothers. Because of the sensitive baby, so the best protein food supplement added later, such as eggs, fish, shrimp, we recommend 1-2 months later added, and add speed to slow. New baby food, must be gradual, preferably about 2 weeks, if there is a relapse of eczema, it is necessary to avoid eating this food.
6. Try to wear cotton clothes
due to acrylic fabric, sweaters and other clothes can irritate baby skin rash serious, so it is recommended for baby wear, breathable, comfortable cotton clothing, color to light best. Meanwhile, mothers should pay attention to is that if this is a new clothing or new bedding must be cleaned before being used again, to avoid irritating to baby skin, causing recurrent eczema.
7. Strict control over water temperature
eczema prone to heat the property, so baby face, bathing water is strictly controlled, it should not be overheating. The best around at 39-41. In order to avoid excitement, baby, better to use a shampoo made especially for babies, lest the natural oils of the skin surface and surface epithelium was washed, resistance drops.
8. Intensive care
because of the cold, seasonal variations, the teeth, can cause eczema, recurrent, special intensive care of the mother during this time baby. Eczema when they can ask doctors, appropriate delay vaccinations; and to reduce the possibility of a cold, take baby to crowded places; in the seasons of the year, when baby is teething, such as eczema, recurrent, under the guidance of doctors can keep baby taking antihistamines.