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"—" Reasonable selection of cold food
Although children can adjust temperature balance, when lack of salts in the body also prone to cold and, therefore, parents for your baby to eat some salt-containing foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, white radish, etc.
due to baby out activities less, by Sun irradiation of time also not more, parents also need regularly to he added vitamin d; vitamin a, can enhanced baby of Hardy capacity, can added chicken duck liver, and liver, and medlar, and shrimp, and crab, containing vitamin a, more of food; winter b family vitamin of metabolism obviously speed up, to note added bean, and fish, and millet, and corn,; vitamin c can improve human on cold of adapted capacity, and on vascular has good of protection role, should be more eat Hawthorn, and tomato, and Kiwi, and PEAR and fresh vegetables.
on the other hand, many parents will apply the cold foods adults eat babies, such as feeding the baby eat mutton soup, they ignore the particular circumstances of the baby's body. Baby's cold and weak body resistance; but in the cold season, but can release their own energy to maintain their body temperature balance, so there is no need for adults to be used some high calorie, high fat foods to children. "Absorption of baby food are different from adults, so feed these foods sometimes it can lead to the digestive burden. "
" activity article "cold exercise reduce illness
for parents and baby protection body no ventilated place practices. " Child protection for a long time in warm, it will reduce the baby's resistance to cold, which makes baby more and more afraid of the cold. "Relatively speaking, properly expose babies to cold, cold hardening behavior can improve the child's metabolism, improve heart and lung function, increased body heat, improve immunity. While parents for baby cold exercise note gradual and allow the baby to gradually adapt.
, on the other hand, in the winter, minimizing the parents take the baby to go to public places, such as respiratory infections where, for 2 hours a day of outdoor activities. Baby hygiene is also notable in the winter, indoor environment clean and fresh air can reduce the chance of infection. Parents need to do regular Interior Windows open for ventilation, the best two or three times a day, can last for 30 minutes at a time. Conditional parents may wish to spend some time for baby massage and passive gymnastics, keep baby's normal activity.