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Baby's itch prescription for the expectant mother knew how much? In summer, the mosquito. Baby mosquito bites may feel itching, burning or pain. Irritability, crying, needs to take some common methods to make the itch to address in a timely manner.
1, liquid soaps available in the family paint can quickly antipruritic. or dipped in water with SOAP in red paint.
2, if the bite itches, you can bomb a bomb with your fingers, then cool toilet water, wind park and other.
3, painting or making salted itch. This can soften the masses effectively itch.
4, Aloe leaf juice is itching.
5, fresh purslane leaves and stems swell. Fresh purslane leaves and stems a little Mo smearing, rubbing the breakout in the hands
6, chlorpheniramine itch. India-bashing-sensitive one, dipped in saliva over and rub the bite.
7, broken into sections a garlic spread.
8, moreover, need to be aware of is that MOM and baby mosquito bites after the masses don't wind song for baby fine, toilet water, these things well and may be the baby into my eyes and mouth.
should always wash baby's hand cut your baby's nails to avoid scratching infection. Local swelling and a bite or parts of being bitten scratched burst, water babies to make it to the hospital for treatment of the infection.