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Newborn occasional bloating, belly bulging by gas suffocation, new parents are often unable to tell whether it is a normal phenomenon, still sick baby's sake.
the causes of aching joints for many reasons, yousheng rational and pathological, this section is dedicated to discussion of neonatal abdominal distension. Adult belly very up, very heave and say bloating, this is their own subjective feelings, but the baby can't express his or her feelings, can only rely on MOM and Dad's observation.
baby's stomach is different from adult
see the newborn's stomach, you will feel a little body with big belly, up slightly outward, especially stomach will look him up and more genggu, feel a bit weird. In fact, newborn's stomach to hold as much as adult organs, abdominal muscles lack power, out on the belly under the action of gravity will take down and looks bulged.
belly looked like a drum, what about how to tell if your baby is there bloating?
methods: touch
Let the baby lie down, gently press the belly was soft, without bloating. If the belly was a little hard to the touch, you might have bad gas.
baby feeding, sleep, everything good, description is normal, you do not need special treatment. Refuses to nurse, crying, sometimes eat it spit out all the milk quickly, or even significant vomiting, bloating is serious, should go to the hospital.
normal abdominal distension (physiological bloating),
cause of neonatal abdominal distension is more, there are normal and because of illness caused by unusual circumstances. First normal is: which causes bloating.
General newborns, especially premature infants, after feeding in mild or obvious belly bulge can often be seen, sometimes spilled milk; but the baby quiet, soft abdomen, scratching their mass, normal defecation, growth is good. This bloating is commonly referred to as the "physiological bloating". In most cases, bloating due to excess gas in the intestines. Any abdominal distension in the baby, often associated with feeding and feeding in the way of food.
for one reason: excessive crying. Baby crying bloating caused by inhaling too much air.
the second reason: improper feeding methods. Artificial feeding milk without blocking all the Pacifiers, but set aside the space above, so babies eat a lot of air.
a third reason: the pacifier is not appropriate. On the nipple hole is too large, too fast milk flow rate, let your baby eat too quickly, the swallowing too much air.
reason four: milk digestion and fermentation. Eat the milk to ferment and produce gas in the digestive tract.
reason five: baby constipation. Baby days without bowel movement also Bloated. What to do

can help in the following ways:
breast-fed babies after standing up, let him lie on your shoulder and gently pat on the back, helping baby burp the air in the stomach.
do not over feed milk. Some scholars believe that the flatulence-prone components in milk, baby eat too much or eat too much can lead to aching joints.
try some nipple, selecting a most appropriate.
baby massage, help for constipation defecation.