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Confinement is professional, judging from details

Month is a big deal these days, not only to advance, and recurrent selection, or if a technology does not pass, I'll regret too late. So, we ask the month how to determine whether the profession?
in fact, whether a month to do the work, do not look at their certificates exactly how much, but in terms of their ability to pay attention to baby care tips in detail. And adequacy of maternal care and patience. Of course, we hire a month cannot expect these things. But the interview does have some skills, such as the baby shower should use as much water, how to judge? Babies should be how to determine temperature? Bathe the baby have any considerations for details. If confinement vague or do not understand, you should consider moving to a month.
month's professionalism is hard to judge, but one cannot answer specific questions of confinement there must be some problem, it can be used as a criterion.