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For maternal and child care industries new nouns explanation

"Month" before and after the word first appeared in 2000, was accompanied by China's "century baby" era demands of baby boomers. After more than 10 years of development, especially of the confinement in a series broadcast nationally, this word is already a household name. Market has also witnessed an unprecedented event. Result of market competition, as it was a month of various companies bend over backwards and launch a variety of new services to attract the consumer's attention, such as: the month clubs, confinement center, postpartum Recovery Center, the high maternal and child care Division, gold medal month, prolactin, and postpartum repair technicians, and even musicians.
However, the understanding and awareness of the same concept determines different behavior. We are maternal and child care, how to "month" and "Month Club" under these new terms to define, determine how we provide "month" and "month clubs" and other related services. Beijing Red Wall Ka Shun education advisory limited is maternal and child nursing industry of pioneer enterprise, is months sister-in-law industry of first entrepreneurs one of, from 2000 began on engaged in months sister-in-law outside sent service, we on these noun of defined is:
a, and months sister-in-law or maternal and child nursing Division
"maternal and child nursing Division", we commonly known as for "months sister-in-law", not on "whilst travelling mother", "hours workers" of again named, but a was gives has new connotation of new posts, "months sister-in-law" is called months sister-in-law, and not whilst travelling mother and hours workers And because she was on the stand personnel working in the maternal and child care (including escorts and hourly) undergo a rigorous system of scientific training, with a certain level of theoretical knowledge and service skills and strong work ethic level of specific titles. Which services on the postpartum women and infants.
maternal and child nursing division of features is, has has quite of ethics level and service skills, can according to puerperium women and newborn of physiological features and life needs, skilled to for life aspects of general care and nursing; theory knowledge aspects, on newborn and the puerperium women of common physiological phenomenon and the disease observation has must of understand and master, on puerperium women nutrition needs has understand, can meet normal situation Xia new mother and newborn of basic life nursing requirements.
Second, month Club
with the development of confinement, a variety of rise of the month clubs in the country. We on "confined Club" not defined for simple to understanding for put guest concentrated up provides months sister-in-law service of places, but on puerperium women and newborn provides various service of full service system, is called "service system", is because it not only including has on mother and baby life care aspects of the content, also not only contains months sister-in-law service in the required of puerperium nursing content, also including through science of assessment and arrangements and on maternal and newborn provides of health, and early taught, and body health, and maintenance, and nutrition, and Psychological adjustment and other services and leisure activities. In short, is a comprehensive service system.
to be aware of is that month Club is not a hospital, but the hospital must have the relevant code, is not a hotel, but it must be with hotel services. Month will not see a doctor or need expert visits, we are for healthy people, is provided to maternal and neonatal health care, rest, health-care services in place.
c, high infant nurse
care industry's further development, people have further range and quality of service requirements, the resulting "Advanced maternal and child care." Different from our traditional sense of "confinement", and even housekeepers. "The high maternal and child care" is a certain experience, through in-depth training, with a considerable level of theoretical knowledge, skilled services skill and good and ethical standards of the high maternal and child care workers. Its clients are those who pursue high quality service quality, but not willing to move out clubs of mothers and newborns, or is discharged from hospital after the mother or newborn not in normal condition, in need of special care.
senior maternal and child nursing division of features is, has has is good of service consciousness and ethics level, can according to puerperium women and newborn of physiological features and life needs, very skilled to for life aspects of full of care and nursing; on maternal and newborn nursing theory knowledge has has quite degree of master, at on maternal and newborn common disease or common exception situation for properly of processing, on puerperium women nutrition needs has is good of understand, And be good at according to the maternal body mix and produce a variety of nutritious diet, also mastered the skill of some women postpartum recovery. Senior maternal and child care does more than meet the women and nursing care of neonatal life, better able to meet the service needs of many new mothers and newborns.
four, teacher
prolactin PRL Division is on puerperal breast care and health care technicians usually title. Prolactin Division to meet professional requirements, you must understand how breastfeeding knowledge, understand the benefits of breastfeeding. On puerperal breast observant to various situations and problems that occur, and identify and correct action to be taken. To skillfully master the basic theoretical knowledge related to breast, very accurate point location, and their role, skilled in breast care techniques and skills.
need to correct something that is, is not any maternal prolactin can guarantee "those specified in" magician, nor the doctors on breast diseases such as mastitis treatment, but a health care professional, able to observe and judge the related illness and make a deal.
v, postpartum repair technician or musician
postpartum repair technician is not a doctor, nor a magician, it is one body for different maternal characteristics, specifically designed for postpartum women with physical recovery, nursed back to health and health services, a new position. This position is based on the birth of confinement prevailing industry, it is the teacher of the high maternal and child care in maternal postpartum recovery, recuperation, nutrition, psychosocial and health services skills improve and enhance. Necessary knowledge may include: post-natal medical knowledge points and Meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, massage techniques and skills, principles and methods of basic nutritional diet, psychological counseling, or other emotional skills all the modern or traditional theories, skills or methods. Need to understand or grasp the maternal body and correct some common problems that may occur in all aspects of life. People have called it the "musicians".