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Four strokes to determine baby hunger and satiety problems

In General, is available from the following four draw arbitrary child hunger and satiety:
weight added an infant's environment and daily to arbitrary baby is eating is controlled and reliable manner. Assuming the baby awakens, good energy, good mood, body weight daily to add, clarify the baby full; assuming the baby temporarily add weight slowly, not to mention cleaning probably got a disease, States generally believed that baby full time he did not have enough to eat.
II: listen to cry
breastfeeding, baby interim without leaving the breasts after breastfeeding, baby crying, this is his full performance.
the third move: milk after eating milk way
baby can sleep in peace, until the next time the milk before crying. Or sometimes sucked for a while, it vomited tits crying, added weight, this is the baby is not getting enough to eat.
assumed that Pliant tried hard, sucking and soon fell asleep, sleep less than 1-2 hours and woke up crying, or sometimes sucked milk, this baby is not getting enough to eat.
        fourth move: bowel
abnormal stool, constipation and diarrhea. Abnormal stools should be a yellow paste. When the milk is not enough, bowel impaction, weak, small amount of green or number is added and the process of exclusion, this is baby hungry performance.
new ABBA, new MOM, first-time fathers who determines is not easy, little excitement in the heart, baby heart sad, small series with everyone to pursue advanced studies, wish to give some support to help Oh!